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Current Happenings

Find about recent activities of the University of Illinois Crop Physiology Laboratory including current observations from the field. read more.....

Agronomy Day was August 16, 2018 with 4 presentations:

N Fertilization in Corn (Fred Below) presentation .pdf

Hybrid-specific management (Eric Winans) presentation .pdf

Continuous Corn (Alison Vogel) presentation .pdf

Narrow Rows (Brad Bernhard) presentation .pdf

Posters from the ASA-CSSA International meetings on Nov. 4-7, 2018: coming soon!

Recent Publications

6 Secrets of Soybean Success: What five years of research has taught us. SPECIAL REPORT.pdf


Mastrodomenico, A.T., J.W. Haegele, J.R. Seebauer, and F.E. Below. 2018. Yield stability differs in commercial maize hybrids in response to changes in plant density, nitrogen fertility, and environment. Crop Sci. 58:230-241.


Seebauer, J. R. and F.E. Below. 2018. Use of in vitro kernel culture to study maize carbohydrate metabolism. In: M. Lagrimini, editor, Maize: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 1676. Springer Nature, New York, NY. p. 3-13. link


Degryse, F., R.C. da Silva, R. Baird, T. Beyrer, F. Below, and M.J. McLaughlin. 2018. Field evaluation of the efficiency of elemental S and sulfate-S in fall- or spring-applied co-granulated fertilizers using a stable isotope technique. Field Crops Research 221:322-332.


Corn ears


Corn Research

Learn about our research on the management and physiology of high yield corn and sustainable production systems:

(Soil P vs fert. Report .pdf)














CPL group 2015


Soybean Research

What is the physiology of soybean, and how can we increase yields?


(soil P vs Fert. Report .pdf)