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Feb. 20-22, 2017- Hear about Efficient Management of Water and Nutrient Resources: Assessing the Potential for Drip Irrigation and Fertigation. by Dr. Fred Below and Ross Bender, University of Illinois at the 2017 Fluid Forum
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Mar. 6-7, 2017- Learn about Genomic Selection for Agronomic Traits Using Maize ex-PVP Germplasm at the 53rd Annual Illinois Corn Breeders' School

Dr. Fred Below reviewed five years of research on “The Six Secrets of Soybean Success" . Six Secrets demonstrates how growers can put technologies together for increasing soybean yields through intensive crop management. In addition, Dr. Below also reviewed some of his work on when soybeans need supplemental nitrogen.  1 CEU in Crop Management Available. Webinar video is here


Read the results from the 2015 subsurface fertigation experiment published in the Fluid Journal Winter 2017 issue, or as a .pdf.


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