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Current Happenings

Find about recent activities of the University of Illinois Crop Physiology Laboratory including current observations from the field. read more.....

On January 8, 2016, the Crop Physiology Laboratory hosted about two-dozen farmers from Illinois and Indiana. During this day- long Summit, they learned about the latest research going on in Dr. Below’s program for improving growth and yield of both corn and soybean crops. See the presentation slides on the Farmer Research Summit page.


Workhorse or racehorse? See the classification of 43 current commercial hybrids in the 2015 Management Yield Potential trial results!

Recent Publications (updated)

Corn ears

Corn Research

Learn about our research on the management and physiology of high yield corn and sustainable production systems:




CPL group 2015

Soybean Research

What is the physiology of soybean, and how can we increase yields?