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Former graduate students and post-doctoral scientists

Scott Foxhoven, PhD 2022; New innovations for the 4R's of nutrient stewardship to improve corn productivity.  Currently Product Testing Specialist at The Mosaic Company.

Eric Winans, PhD 2022; Innovations in agronomic management to improve maize productivity. Currently the Research Farm Manager for the Discovery and Innovation Team at Brandt.

Connor Sible, PhD 2022; Characterizing plant biostimulants and their impact on the soil microbiome and productivity of maize.  Currently continuing in the laboratory as a post-doctoral Research Associate.

Stephen Schwartz, MS 2022; Managing nitrogen availability for increased yield of corn and soybean. Currently the Crop Care Collaboration Manafer for US and Canada with John Deere

Derek Lenzen, MS 2022; Biostimulants and phosphorus fertilizer to improve growth and productivity of corn. Currently the Product Development Agronomist for WI/MN with Pivot Bio.

Vitor Rampazzo Favoretto, PhD 2022; Agronomic management to simultaneously increase yield and seed nutritional quality of soybean. Currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Feed the Future Innovation Laboratory for Soybean Value Chain Research.

Dylan Guenzburger, MS 2021; Improved Agronomic Management of Corn and Soybean to Increase Productivity. Currently Field Scientist / Principal Investigator at Illinois Ag Research LLC.

Keith Ehnle, MS 2021; Agronomic Management and Biostimulants to Increase Corn and Soybean Productivity. Currently Practical Farm Research Lead at Beck's Hybrids.

Logan Woodward, MS 2020; Enhancing Mineral Nutrient Availability and Corn Productivity with Biostimulants. Currently continuing in the laboratory for his PhD.

Ben Wiegmann, MS 2019; Maximizing Corn Yield Potential through Proper Rate, Placement, and Timing of Nitrogen Fertility. Currently Field Sales Agronomist with Beck's Hybrids.

Vitor Rampazzo Favoretto, MS 2019; A Meta-analysis of how Management Practices Affect Soybean Yield and Quality. Continued in the laboratory for his PhD.

Scott Foxhoven, MS 2019; Polyhalite alters the Uptake and Partitioning of Mineral Nutrients in Corn. Continued in the laboratory for his PhD.

Connor Sible, MS 2019; Plant Growth Regulators and Biostimulants for use in Varying Management Systems to Improve Corn Grain Yield. Continued in the laboratory for his PhD.

Eric Winans, MS 2019; Nitrogen Fertility, Plant Population, Row Spacing, and Hybrid Effects on Corn Grain Yield. Continued in the laboratory for his PhD.

Alison Vogel, PhD 2019; Managing the Continuous Corn Yield Penalty with Crop and Residue Management. Currently Agronomist with CNH Industrial.

Brad Bernhard, PhD 2019; Agronomic Management to Improve Corn Productivity under High-Yielding Environments. Currently an Agronomic Research Scientist with Syngenta.

Tryston Beyrer, PhD 2018; Innovations in Fertilizer Use and Agronomic Management for Greater Productivity of Corn and Soybean.

Shelby Mann, MS 2017; The Use of Fertilizer Nitrogen Applications to Increase Productivity of Soybean. Accepted position with Indigo Agriculture.

Andrew Harmon, MS 2017; Use of Strigolactone for Stress Relief and Increased Productivity in High-Yielding Environments. Currently with CNH Industrial.

Adriano Terras Mastrodomenico, PhD 2017; Agronomic and Marker-Assisted Breeding Strategies for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Maize. Currently working with Limagrain.

Brad Bernhard, MS 2016; Innovative Foliar Micronutrient Sources in High-Yielding Corn Environments. Continued in the laboratory for his PhD.

Katie Parker, MS 2016; Agronomic Management of Soybean with Foliar Manganese and Apical Meristem Alterations.Currently with Asilomar Bio.

Alison Vogel, MS 2015; The Sustainability of Tropical Maize as an Alternative Biofuel or Silage Crop. Continued her PhD studies with this laboratory.

Cole Hendrix, MS 2015; Identifying Variability for Nitrogen Use Traits Among and Within Maize Heterotic Groups using ex-PVP Germplasm. Currently a Plant Breeder at Stony Creek Colors.

Ross Bender, PhD 2015: Agronomic and Nutritional Considerations for Increased Soybean Productivity; and MS 2012: Nutrient Uptake and Partitioning in High-Yielding Corn. Currently with The Mosaic Company

Tryston Beyrer, MS 2014; Optimizing Nutrient Availability for High-Yield Corn Production. Continued his PhD studies with this laboratory.

Brad Bandy, MS 2014; Response to Planting Density for Corn Hybrids Grown Under Narrow and Conventional Row Spacing. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Jack Marshall, MS 2014; Understanding Variability Associated with Corn grain Yield Response to Foliar Fungicide Application. Currently with BASF.

Laura Gentry, Research Asst. Professor 2010-2013. Currently Adjunct Asst. Professor, UIUC and Illinois Corn Growers Association.

Kyle Vogelzang, MS 2013: Minimizing the Continuous Maize Penalty Through Intense Management. Currently with Evergreen FS.

Jason Haegele, PhD 2012: Genetic and Agronomic Approaches for Improving Nitrogen Use and Maize Productivity; and MS 2009. Currently with WinField United.

Ryan Becker, MS 2012; Management of Higher Populations in Maize. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Adam Henninger, MS 2012; Analysis of Management Factor Contributions to High-Yielding Corn Production Systems. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Luke Cole, MS 2011; Corn Yield Response to Twin Rows and 30" Rows. Currently with Climate corp.

Wendy White, MS 2010; Sugar, Biomass, and Biofuel Potential of Temperate by Tropical Maize Crosses. Currently HS Science teacher.

Kateri Duncan, Post-doctoral associate 2007-2008; Currently with Syngenta.

Martin Uribelarrea, PhD 2007; Physiological Characterization of Nitrogen Use in Maize: Opportunities for Improvement. MS 2003: Productivity and Nitrogen Use of Maize Hybrids Derived from the Illinois Protein Strains. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Jeff Wessel, PhD 2007; Value of Cultural Practices for Improving Nitrogen Management in Corn. MS 1999: An On Farm Evaluation of Amisorb, Starter Fertilizer, Sidedress N, and Time of Ammonium Sulfate Application. Currently with Corn Belt Ag.

Allen Becker, MS 2007; The Physiology and Management of Continuous Corn. Curretly with Syngenta.

Matias Ruffo, Post-doctoral associate 2004-2007; Currently with Bioceres Semilas.

Jerome Bergerou, MS 2001; Role of Nodules in the Beneficial Impact of Soybean on the Following Corn Crop. Last known with Accuracast, UK.

Kent Rorem, MS 2000; Agronomic and Physiological Evaluation of Postemergence Herbicide Applications on Glyphosate- tolerant Soybean. Last known with NC Dept. of Agriculture.

Jeff Yockey, PhD1998; Evaluation of Nitrogen Sources, Starter Fertilizers, and Amendments for No-Till Corn Production. Currently with Univ. Ill Urbana- Champaign.

Albana Zeko, MS1998; Role of Root Morphology and Iron Source in Enhancement in Nutrient Use by Polyaspartic Acid. Currently with University of Alberta.

Qingyuan Sun, PhD 1997; Role of N in Controlling Kernel Growth in Maize.

Xingting Wang, PhD 1995; Physiological Aspects Associated with Mixed-N Induced Increases in Growth and Tillering of Wheat. MS 1990: Influence of Nitrogen Form on Growth and Tillering of Wheat. Currently with Intertek.

Louis Mumera, PhD 1992; Nitrogen and Genotype Effects on Assimilate Partitioning and Resistance to Striga in Maize. Currently with Edgerton University, Kenya.

Ken Smiciklas, PhD 1991; Physiological Role of Mixed Nitrogen Nutrition in Enhancing Productivity of Maize. Currently Professor at Illinois State University.

Insun Ho, PhD1990; Biochemical Basis for Differential Leaf Senescence of Two Maize Hybrids. Technical Services Leader at Abbott Laboratories.

Lowell Gentry, MS1990; Effect of Nitrogen Form and Availability on the Productivity of Maize. Currently with University of Illinois.

Tom Williams, MS1990; Plant Traits Related to Productivity in Four Heterotic Patterns of Maize Hybrids.

Juliann Czyzewicz, MS1990; An In Vitro Approach to Understanding Nitrogen Use in Maize. Currently with the Crop Physiology Lab, UIUC.

George Singletary, PhD1989; Regulation of Growth and Storage Product Metabolism in Cultured Kernels of Maize. Last known a contract researcher.

Jill Heberer, MS1987; Effect of Mixtures of Nitrate and Ammonium on N Utilization and Productivity of Wheat. Last known with Rovia Travel.

Colleen Wyss, MS1986; Characterization of Chemical Composition and Interactions in the Grain and Stover of the Illinois Protein Strains of Maize. Last known a homemaker.

International visiting scholars and research assistants

Fabio van de Groes Swart-  2022 (Brazil)

Fabricio Geraldini-  2022 (Brazil)

Sarah Machado- 2020 (Brazil)

Rodrigo Garrido- 2019 (Brazil)

Marcos Loman- 2019 (Brazil)

Gustavo Prestes Gomes- 2018 (Brazil)

Jose Luis Viela Vieira- 2018 (Brazil)

Jose Ernesto Cervantes-Martinez- 2016-2017 (Mexico)

Peng Yan- 2016-2017 (China)

Gabriel Lorenzetti Bigolin- 2016 (Brazil)

Rita de Kassia Siqueira Teixeira- 2016 (Brazil)

Joao Pedro (J.P.) de Paula Souza- 2015 (Brazil)

Ana Luiza Scavone de Camargo- 2015 (Brazil)

Renato Barbosa Camargos- 2015 (Brazil)

Alvaro de Oliveira Santos-2014 (Brazil)

Narjara Fonseca Cantelmo-2014 (Brazil)

Jiying (Anna) Sun- 2013-2014 (China- Inner Mongolia)

Hung Ju Chen- 2013 (Taiwan)

Minzhe Zhang- 2012 (China)

Keila Silva da Cunha- 2012 (Brazil)

Giulio Testa- 2012 (Italy)

Leonardo Fagundes Matioli- 2011 (Brazil)

Paulo Vinicius Magnago Galvao- 2011 (Brazil)

Giovan Ala B. Perez- 2011 (Brazil)

Camila Cramer Filgueiras- 2011-2012 (Brazil)

Bianca Moura- 2009-2012 (Brazil)

Fernando Cantao- 2008-2012 (Brazil)

Guilherme Cabral- 2008 (Brazil)

Mariano Quesada- 2008 (Brazil)

Bola Olaniyan- 2006 (Nigeria)

Mark Harrison- 2002-2010 (England)

Yilmael ('G') Diaz- Perez- 2001, 2003 (Puerto Rico)

Martin Uribelarrea- 2001-2010 (Argentina) PhD 2007; MS 2003

Jerome Bergerou- 1997-1999 (France)

Jairo Cazetta- 1997-1999 (Brazil)

Ho Jin Lee- 1997-1998 (South Korea)

Qingyuan Sun - 1995-1997 (China)

Jianxiang Ma- 1995 (China)

Rolf Mian- 1994-1995 (Bangladesh)

Albana Zeko- 1994-1997 (Albania)

Raul Faleiros- 1992-1994 (Brazil)

Louis Mumera- 1987-1990 (Kenya)

Shan Yan- 1986-1996 (China)

Xingting Wang- 1986-1996 (China)

Ivan Ortiz Monasterio- 1985-1986 (Mexico)

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