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Soybean Success, No Longer a Secret – Dr. Sible, Illinois Soybean Summit, February, 2024

Understanding Biologicals in Corn Production – Dr. Sible, Produced by Wyffels Hybrids Agronomy Series, 2022

Understanding Biologicals for Improved Soybean Management – Dr. Sible, Produced by IL Soy Advisor, 2021


No More Secrets: Maintain a Season-Long Approach for High Yielding Soybean – Dr. Sible, IL Soy Advisor, Episode 6 February, 2024

Let’s Talk Biologicals with Connor Sible – Dr. Sible, Produced by Wyffels Hybrids, “Keeping it Independent”, Episode 25, January, 2024

Graduate Student Posters

2023 ASA/CSSA/SSSA Conference

  • Does Fertilizer Source Affect the Availability of Fall-Applied Nutrients for Maize? – presentation.pdf
  • Dry Drop Placement: A Novel Approach to Fertilizing Maize – poster.pdf
  • Managing Short Stature Maize for Maximum Yield – presentation.pdf
  • Role of Root Architecture in Response to In-Season Nitrogen Applications to Maize – poster.pdf
  • Managing Decomposition of Cereal Rye Residues in No-Till Soybean for Timely Nutrient Release – poster.pdf
  • Soybean Planting Date Impacts the Response to Agronomic Management – poster.pdf

2022 ASA/CSSA/SSSA Conference

  • Versatility of Mycorrhizal Fungi Applications to Increase Maize Productivity – poster.pdf
  • Can Multi-Year Fertilizer Applications Improve Productivity in a Maize and Soybean Rotation? – poster.pdf
  • Yield Response of Maize to P and K Fertilization Increased by Co-Application with Humic Acid – poster.pdf

2021 ASA/CSSA/SSSA Conference

  • Co-Application of Calcified Algae and MicroEssentials-S10 Affects Phosphorus Availability and Productivity of Maize – poster.pdf
  • A New Source of Nitrogen for Maize from the Bacterial Product PROVEN – poster.pdf
  • Fall Residue Management Reduces the Continuous Corn Yield Penalty – poster.pdf